Repairing Your Broken Fence

fallen borderThe recent gales have caused havoc in many of our towns and cities and for many of us we have seen our fences either blown down or waving around and leaning over at crazy angles. Many fences are erected by the builder of the house any is very common for the all-important fence post that is set into the ground, often with concrete to be untreated timber, the result a rotten post at the bottom. It has to be said that if a fence post is properly treated it will last for thirty or forty years, possibly longer.

So if you find that the fence between two properties had fallen you first have to first make sure it’s yours. There is an unwritten rule that a good neighbour puts up a fence with the post and rails’ facing their own property, but this is not a legal obligation. If the odd post has failed it could be possibly to repair this without taking the fence down. Support the fence with lengths of timber on either side. Dig a hole around the base of the post, cut the rotten part away and remove any concrete.

Place a concrete spur in the hole against the remains of the post. Then drill holes through the post at the marked spots. Push the bolts through the post and spur side. Put on the nuts and tighten with a spanner. Brace the post with lengths of timber, checking it is vertical with a spirit level. Fill the hole with concrete, leaving the timber supports in place for 48 hours while it sets. This is likely to be a temporary measure, because if one post has failed, in all probability the other may follow soon after, so consider taking the fence down completely and replacing all the posts with good well treated new ones. If the panels are sound, treat them with a spirit based preservative and you will have a fence that will last for many years. Get great fencing products here….