Themes and Plugins – current to make wordpress Google friendly

Themes and Plugins

Themes and Plugins

Themes and plugins need to be efficient and uncluttered, keeping them updated is very important, using a hosting system such as WPEngine can also help.

Even the ultimate NGINX setup will not compensate for a cramped theme which is poorly coded.

Themes and Plugins – Good Code

The internet is no more than a stream of 1s and 0s floating around on thousands of servers across the planet, and it’s just a massive amount of code.

Poorly written code will spell disaster for your website no matter where it is hosted the inevitable will happen, your site will die through being hacked or cause various other components to crash as it tries to link. Amateur coding of your site is a train without brakes, at the end of the line the will be a devastating crash

Themes and Plugins – Clean Theme

You require an excellently written theme and framework to get the best performance from your WordPress website, for example, the Vellum by Parallelus is superbly coded by experienced professionals. They are kept underground, in a locked room never allowed to see the light of day of communicating with their loved ones, for fear of corrupting their creative juices.

Themes and Plugins – Update All

Also keeping your theme up to date will ensure the security and longevity of your site, themes are normally updated several times a year, keeping up with the latest security protocols and code efficiently.

WordPress delivers overwhelming creative opportunities to the end user, providing the end user maintains the components, like theme updates, plugin updates, WordPress core updates, everything is at your feet…well from a website point of view.

Themes and Plugins – Make Sure You Check Plugins And The Theme Are working Seamlessly Together

Development of website platforms are always ongoing, the goal to create the most efficient, safe and secure code is never-ending.

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